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What Others Say About Steve Hassan
“You saved my son’s life. We will be forever grateful!” - A Father

“Reading Combatting Cult Mind Control helped me finally walk away after 27 years. Thank you so much for your courage!” – Ex-member Scientology

“…Steven Hassan’s approach is one I value more than that of any other researcher or clinical practitioner…” -Philip G. Zimbardo, Ph.D. Stanford Emeritus Professor, Former president of the American Psychological Association 2002


State of Israel, The Ministry of Welfare and Social Services, Official Translation of It's Report, "An Examination of the Phenomenon of Cults in Israel"

Robert Jay Lifton interviewd by Steve Hassan July 13th 2011

Loyalty to Your Soul by Ronald and Mary Hulnick - A critical analysis by David Christopher Lane
Ph.D. Professor of Philosophy, Mt. San Antonio College and Lecturer in Religious Studies, CSULB

When Does a Religion Become a Cult? By Mitch Horowitz Wall Street Journal

Spotting Teens Into Cults

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Judge denies Amway arbitration

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